Our personal and professional environments are fusing more and more, whatever our age. Offering Apple technology to your staff, teachers or pupils means giving them access to products which have been designed to work together in perfect harmony, to deliver a flawlessly smooth experience and ensure that everyone gives the very best of themselves.

So why not put your trust in a strategic Apple partner to ensure your project is a success?

Econocom, a strategic Apple partner for education and business, will assist you throughout your Apple project to ensure a perfect experience in the workplace or the classroom. From design and roll-out through to use, our experts are there to help you.


Our business offers

What’s the key to productivity in organisations? Using the products we’re used to in our private lives. Because making work and collaborating easier in order to achieve common goals generates satisfaction and engagement. To offer this experience, you need to adjust your IT resources.

Econocom brings you the right method and support. By taking a holistic view of your Apple enterprise project, from infrastructure and sourcing to support.

Are you ready to make your life easier?

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Our Education offers

How can you implement modern teaching methods? By leveraging new technologies to make learning easier. Apple’s education solutions empower students and encourage a more creative, collaborative relationship with teachers.
Econocom will help you roll out your digital education project and effect the digital transformation of your school. Our expertise, customer references and our positioning mean we can guarantee your project will be a success.

Are you ready to offer your students new learning experiences?

Our Education solutions